Mobile App Development


At DoubleTake, we know the importance of mobile app development for your business. These days, everything seems to rely on the use of a mobile phone. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your business stays on top of the game. With our mobile app development, we can help get your clients get more involved while providing you with the technology you need.

Our custom mobile app solutions help your business increase sales and productivity! We excel in customer-first interactive experiences.

Mobile Apps Can Increase Sales

  • Innovative mobile presentation solutions for your sales teams
  • Fun interactive branded games
  • Tools to connect with your customers 24/7
  • Improve your customer relationships

Whether you are presenting to a small group in a private setting, or to a massive group of people spread across the world, we can help you make an unforgettable first impression.

As mentioned above, people rely on their phones. Whether it’s for shopping, educational games, or just finding a location, more than likely there’s an app for that. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date on technology to better your results. With a mobile app, you can get your clients more involved with your business. It provides information about what services you provide and even your location. Also, with clients on your app, you can gather data needed for your business. It allows you to see what your clients are looking for while also allowing them more involvement with your work.

Mobile Interactive Experiences for your Retail Storefront, Trade Show, Showroom, Lobby

  • Flick or swipe content from your tablet to a large projection screen, digital sign, or a touch screen
  • Great fun, interactive branded games to engage your visitors
  • Create interactive games between mobile apps or control a large screen with your mobile device
  • Collect prospect or customer data
  • Send your prospects home with data on their mobile device

Improve Productivity In the Field or on the Road

Mobile apps can improve the productivity of your team in many exciting ways:

  • Collect data in the field or on the road during surveys or inspections
  • Access your key business or enterprise data on mobile dashboards
  • Improve and expedite your business processes
  • Keep track of your team, assets, and more with GPS enabled apps

Contact DoubleTake For Your Mobile App Development

If you need mobile app development for your business, look no further. We have over 25 years pf experience providing solutions for both small and large business. Call us today at (281) 609-7328 or apply online for an hour for a free consultation. Get the software you need to help your business and impress your clients today.

Below are a few examples of some of the mobile applications we created for our clients:

Mobile App Development | DoubleTake, Houston TX