Interactive Experiences

You Only Have 1 Opportunity To Make A First Impression

Using Technology Creates Excitement and Increases Engagement!

DoubleTake’s Interactive Experiences can increase your sales and visitor engagement at Trade Shows, Showrooms, Exhibits, your Corporate Lobby, or with a powerful Mobile App!

Promote your company’s products and services in cutting edge fashion with hi-tech equipment and dynamic content presentation.

Innovative Software Creation for Interactive User Experiences

We use our expertise and creative vision with technology to create engaging software for all types of businesses.  Perhaps you have a product or service being promoted at a trade show or conference.  You need this product to stand out among all of the activities and other vendors and engage potential clients.  We deliver that hi-tech WOW factor.

Maybe you’re a big enterprise with a huge database and need interactive software to parse and display certain information.  You need a custom dashboard that’s accessible on a tablet, mobile device or touch wall for public display.  We can help.

We have the technology to increase engagement and excitement through touch screen applications, custom projection systems and more.

Our team has extensive experience in creating mobile and interactive apps on all devices. We create responsive solutions that work on all devices: mobile phones, touch screens, transparent glass touch screens, touch walls, touch tables, immersive technologies, and more!

  • Create the perfect mobile app
  • Build high-impact sales apps
  • Bring fun to sales and promotion with branded apps and games
  • Make education fun with “Edu-tainment” apps
  • Immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps
  • Create interactive experiences for your lobby, trade show, museum, zoo, etc.

free-guide-ctaAre you currently searching for a software development partner? We aim to be your choice. There are several questions you should ask any software developer prior to making an agreement with them. We’ve created a guide and narrowed it down to the top 7 questions you should ask your potential developer. Leave your email address and download the guide today.



Try Our New “Flick-It Technology!
Do you need the ability to display information from your tablet and quickly “flick it” to a bigger monitor? Imagine what you can do with this capability for trade shows, corporate presentations, communications and much more! This video contains three examples of this technology in action!

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